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Schneller Ins Trikot

The ultimate football training camp. Powered by miCoach and you.


Schneller ins trikot is an interactive Football training experience, powered by Adidas miCoach. Young footballers who sign up gain entrance to a virtual locker room. Here they're put through their paces by the German national team, progressing through a professionally designed coaching program. Performance for each drill is tracked through the miCoach chip in the adidas F50 boot, and players earn badges and motivational rewards as they fight to earn their place on the schneller in trikot leaderboard.

The frontend build and annimation is all done using flash, with backend interactions (such as retrieving data, processing updates, and persisting data to the backend c#) via generic handlers and webservices.

Client: stinkdigital / TBWA Berlin
Technology: asp.net c# backend, flash frontend