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The Karma Audit

Pimp My Cause - The Karma Audit

Social enterprise Pimp My Cause has declared 2013 a Year of Great Marketing Karma and is inviting marketers across the UK and beyond to contribute their talent and expertise to the good cause of their choice.

The Karma Audit is a tongue-in- cheek app that connects to your LinkedIn profile and evaluates the karmic footprint of your marketing skills so far by analysing the data of your career history. The app gives you a clue as to how you may reincarnate based on current performance and offers you the chance to improve your destiny by changing the world for the better.

Our expertise were used to evaulate the technical challenge and comprise the execution strategy of the Karma Audit app. The build was undertaken in html 5 with calls to the LinkedIn api.

Client: CMW
Technology: c#, html5, LinkedIn api
Link: Visit Site